Terms and conditions

Customer: means any person (Consumer or Company) who purchases one or more Services either through the Website or via email consultancy, accepting the General Conditions.
Seller and/or PROTOREAL: means PROTOREAL with registered office in via A. Comani 18B, 40038 Vergato (BO) – VAT IT03081961207 registered a the Register of Companies of BOLOGNA – 491905 owner of the Website.
Website: it is a virtual shop, managed by PROTOREAL and accessible via the URL (https://www.protoreal.it), through which it is possible to purchase part of the available services.
Pre-Orders: the file verification request sent by the Customers in order to proceed with the Order.
Orders: purchase orders sent by Customers, in accordance with the General Conditions. These Orders can be sent via the Website (Online Orders) or via email (Off-line Orders).
Products: these are the products and services offered for sale by PROTOREAL.
Account: indicates the account that users of the Website activate to use the services available on this platform.

These General Conditions govern all the Sale and Purchase Agreements between the Customer and the Seller and form an integral part thereof. These General Conditions will prevail and will be effective despite any changes or additions contained in any purchase order or other document presented by the Customer. No modification of these Conditions will be binding on PROTOREAL unless approved in writing by an authorized representative of the Seller.
PROTOREAL reserves the right to modify the General Conditions at any time, it being understood that those published on the Website at the time the Orders are placed by the Customers will be considered applicable to the Sale and Purchase Agreements.

The Website is intended for use by Customers residing in the European continent. Access to or use of this Website may be prohibited by law in certain countries or jurisdictions, or prohibited by PROTOREAL.
By accessing the Website, the Customer declares to be of age. The Customer declares not to upload any file infected with a computer virus or any malicious content intended to interfere with the normal functionality of the Website.
The Customer’s Account is personal and cannot be used by other people. The Customer is responsible for protecting the confidentiality of his password.
PROTOREAL reserves the right at any time to modify, revise, cancel, suspend or cease, temporarily or permanently, this Website (or a part of it) with or without notice. We will not be liable to you or any third party for any such changes, revisions, deletions, suspensions or for the termination of this Website.
PROTOREAL undertakes to constantly check the Website in order to avoid errors. However, it is possible that the Website contains inaccuracies or omissions. PROTOREAL, therefore, reserves the right to correct errors, inaccuracies or omissions contained in the Website even after an Order has been sent and also reserves the right to change or update information at any time without prior notice to Customers.

Warranties and Limitations
The Customer is responsible for checking the content of the order at the time of delivery and in any case no later than 1 working day from the same. If there are no written reports of errors on orders delivered, the Order will be considered accepted.
The information and all the contents of the Website should not be considered as professional advice, it is the Client’s responsibility to evaluate its accuracy.
The Customer declares to be responsible for any problems attributable to the design of the 3D models loaded, in particular couplings with other parts, problems due to the conversion of three-dimensional files into different formats, discrepancies between 2D and 3D documentation or functional defects.
The “made to measure” type of supply does not provide for the right of withdrawal.
PROTOREAL is not responsible for any damage to property or persons resulting from the use of the Products supplied.
If the Customer highlights in writing, within 10 days of delivery, geometric Non-Conformities with respect to the 3D model sent, PROTOREAL will proceed at its discretion to remake or repair only the Products subject to the Non-Conformity.
Any breakages attributable to transport or poor packaging of the details found at the time of receipt or in any case no later than 1 working day from delivery must be reported immediately in writing. Otherwise, PROTOREAL will not be held responsible.
PROTOREAL is not responsible for the data contained in the technical data sheets of the materials provided by its raw material suppliers. It is the Customer’s responsibility to carry out tests and trials in order to validate the Products supplied and related processes for any applications other than the prototyping.
The type of Materials published on the Website and their availability may vary at any time without entailing any responsibility for PROTOREAL towards the Customers.
Major force
PROTOREAL cannot be held responsible for supply-related problems such as production delays or production failure if this problem is caused by force majeure over which it is unable to exercise any control.

In order to proceed with the sending of Orders, Customers are required to register an Account by entering the data required for its activation.
Once the files have been uploaded, the Customer proceeds with the configuration of the order. The prices viewed are valid only for uploaded files. Any changes and revisions of the files will result in the invalidation of the estimate. Prices may change without notice and remain valid only for pre-orders sent.
Once the configuration has been selected, the Customer sends the Pre-Order for verification, the Customers declare that they have read all the instructions relating to how to purchase the Products and that they have fully accepted the General Conditions, and that they have read all the additional information. contained on the Website, in particular the Materials section which indicates the processing tolerances and any limitations.
PROTOREAL undertakes to confirm or not the feasibility of a Pre-Order within 1 working day.
The sending of the order confirmation by PROTOREAL concludes the contract between the Parties.
If the Customers, upon receipt of the Order Confirmation, do not proceed with the payment within the agreed terms within 7 working days, the relevant Order must be considered rejected and, therefore, ineffective.
The documentation relating to the Order will be stored on the Website, in compliance with the provisions of EU Reg. No. 679/2016 (“GDPR”) and will be accessible by contacting PROTOREAL with the contact methods provided for in the privacy policy, or by accessing your account.
PROTOREAL may at any time during the estimate and order phase revoke or cancel an order if for technical reasons it is impossible to produce the files uploaded by the Customer. It will always be the PROTOREAL staff’s responsibility to contact the Customer in order to find a possible technical solution to the problem.

Terms of payment
Customers can pay the price and the contribution for the shipping costs by credit card, PayPal, bank transfer, bank receipt or other means of payment that may be indicated on the Website. PROTOREAL reserves the right to change these methods of payment at any time.
In case of payment by credit card, the Customer will be charged the Price and the contribution for the shipping costs, together with the sending of the Payment Confirmation by PROTOREAL. The credit card data sent during the execution of the Orders are protected and are sent directly to the banking company that manages the payments. Payment takes place directly on a secure server, with SSL encryption key in order to guarantee the absolute security of the transaction.
Credit card details are not accessible by PROTOREAL, neither at the time of placing the Orders nor subsequently.
In case of payment by bank transfer, Customers must make the transfer using the bank details indicated on the Website, indicating the order number in the reason for payment. In the case of an advance bank transfer, the delivery terms are valid from the date the transfer is credited to the PROTOREAL bank account.
In case of payment via PayPal the web session will be transferred to the secure PayPal website. On this website, Customers can complete the payment of the Price and any contribution for shipping costs using their PayPal account and according to the conditions of use of the PayPal service subscribed by the Customers at that time or previously.
PROTOREAL will send customers a regular immediate or deferred invoice depending on the payment terms in compliance with tax regulations. For the purposes of issuing the invoice, the information provided by the Customers is valid. No variation of the invoice will be possible after its issue.
The information received relating to the payment will be used exclusively to complete the procedures relating to the sale of the Products and for the reimbursement procedures in the cases provided for by the Customers, in accordance with the provisions of the privacy policy.
Agreed methods other than payment by credit card or bank transfer in advance, may be unquestionably revoked by the Seller upon notice.
Late and unscheduled payment of an Order by the Customer entails, at the Seller’s discretion, the application of a penalty equal to 10% of the amount of the Order in addition to default interest for the accumulated delay.

Shipping and delivery terms
The number of working days for delivery selected in the Pre-Order phase, is valid from the time of payment according to the available methods chosen by the Customer. In particular, if this payment is made after 12:00, the counting of the days will start from the following day. The delivery days cannot, in any case, be considered binding as, after shipment, PROTOREAL cannot be held responsible in any way for non-compliance.
The goods travel free onboard within the European community. The goods travel at the Customer’s risk and peril.
Customers, or other persons appointed by the Customers who are at the address indicated for the delivery of the Products in the Order Confirmation, are required to verify, at the time of delivery, that:

Any damage to the packaging must be immediately contested by the Customers by affixing a written control reserve on the proof of delivery by the courier. It is understood that, once the courier’s document has been signed without any dispute, the Customers can no longer raise any objection to PROTOREAL with reference to the external characteristics of what was delivered.

Intellectual property
All intellectual property rights connected to the Website (including code, texts, logos, and graphics) are the exclusive property of PROTOREAL.
The Website and its contents may not be used, reproduced, copied either in whole or in part, transferred by electronic or conventional means, modified, linked, and used for any purpose without the prior written consent of PROTOREAL.
The use of registered or unregistered trademarks, product names, logos or companies contained on the Website is prohibited without the prior written consent of PROTOREAL.
The customer declares that the uploaded files are his property and can be used by PROTOREAL for the sole purpose of providing the requested service.
The Website may contain links to other websites, PROTOREAL is not responsible for their contents.

PROTOREAL reserves the right to refuse orders that include 3D models intended for armament prototyping. The content of the order must not be transferred to subjects residing in countries to which export is prohibited in compliance with European regulations.

The court of Bologna is exclusively competent for any dispute. Therefore the Customer accepts the jurisdiction of this court for any dispute and waives any objection.