Group ABS

max 82 °C
from € 0.7 /cm3
ABS and its derivatives are a versatile solution for functional prototypes or final parts (small batches of small parts or small batches of medium-sized parts).

Group Hi Performance

max 192 °C
from € 1.2 /cm3
High-performance polymers for special applications. Where is required resistance to chemicals (benzene), mechanical or high temperature (over 190 ° C).

Group PC

max 110 °C
from € 0.9 /cm3
ABS mech and heat resistance are not sufficient? Polycarbonate is the answer for many applications. Certification of biocompatibility allows its use also in contact with steam in food applications.

Group Solubles

max 150 °C
from € 0.5 /cm3
Soluble materials for cores or mandrels are the solution for production of complex parts. From the water solubility to mandrels with mechanical strength for autoclave in the carbon fibre lamination processes.